Streching for the moment 💕
Locotenent Perl, from good cop bad cop will make you to sign that confession you daily report me ♥️ lol.. Will gone be bad.. Sign the confesion.. or you gonna pay 😁♥️
Streching ❤️ carpe diem lol
It was a beautiful summer.. That motivate me.. I got vacation, I got pool all summer, I got lycense on a yacht for first level and I traveled between islands.. God is good with me ❤️
Adio summer outfit 😭it's snowing
First day of little snow.. So I thought the best is to check my summer outfits.. Lol Thars a lesson of Kabbalah back in time I got ❤️
Legs /J'adore _Inna _on the roof.. Workout song ♥️love you
My freaking kid.. Song of workouts Justin Bieber.. Where are you know when I need you ♥️
Work garderope 🌹 Still into My mama don't like you and she likes everyone /Justin Bieber
Work garderope 🌹I am tired of same pictures.. I need something new.. When I am bored of something I stop doing
I hope /always to find my own motivation
Absolutely ♥️ cardio done.. And it was good song of the cardio.. What goes around comes around /Timberlake
This was a tablet capture ♥️
Just me, myself and I 💕
Legs 💕
Legs, abdominal, squats and cardio 💕1, of the day Mistral Gagnant with Coeur de Pirate ♥️
This is a site for body shape but I am reported so I post my face I hope nobody will reports my face lol ♥️
I am my own motivation 💖
Let's starting the workouts.. Will be legs and abdominal for sure.. But who knows.. ♥️Beth Hart.. /Tell her you belong to me
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Nothing to report here ❤️ leg day are everyday
Streching ❤️ can't post nothing than my face on fitboard either way you report me lol
A poem can be a motivation sometimes.. or a dress.. Today Laughing heart by Bukowsky read by Tom Waits.. ♥️
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Rihanna ft Sia/Beautiful people.. Cardio
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