I'm less lean and vascular than last summer, but still trying to keep in shape! Though no hope to balance my left arm size...
No doubt which is my "show" side....
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My best side when looks pretty
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I like this back right bicep pic, feel satisfied!!
Please left don't give up, I know you can do it! Or maybe not?
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Still pumping... gettin fatter.. but you know winter is coming...
I swear i am training my left arm too!!
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Quick morning flex before going to work!
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Sat I had an heavy shoulder session, today aching... Satisfied but not happy from my right trapezius and deltoid size difference with left... tennis rulez!!
Woke up singing "back is back" or maybe it was "black is black"??
For those who says I'm winning in balacing out my arms.. well I thank them but unfortunately it's not like that. But as said I can't do much more!!
Ops a few days of gym stop due to my left wrist old injury after-effect.. as often happens... At least I kept playing tennis!! One question to those more expert in these cases what about training only right side??
I don't know how long I can be so lean and show decent (hope so) ABS... thus I'll post many pics!!
For a 45yo woman is always a risk posting a back...lower back pic. It's not my best body part, but that's it!
Someone please could explain me why I should have a bi-pack on the right side and a simple single pack on the left one?? I found it orrible... how can I even it??
Home push-ups after gym pec session. Just to check how far I can go. Unfortunately in push ups my hated injured left wrist fails before muscles do
Girl power at the restaurant!
If I google for ABS figure fitness I feel really light years away from my goal. How can they have so perfect ABS??? I train them hard to failure but can't give more!!
A friend suggested me to improve my mind-body connection. Not easy, bur for now I got at least the mind-bicep connection, it's a start!
Back is hard to train for me.. Please don't be too bad with me, post comments and suggestions how to improve. In the central pic it seems I have a huge warm crawling on the right side of my back, dont' worry it's not an alien!
Tired ABS today
Before shopping
She-Hulk... no unfortunately it's just me back from the seaside!
Maybe not needed to hold the cofee cup, but liked to do it this morning