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Road to First Competition Week 1.wmv
Description: Video 1 of my journey to my first competition.
Vlog Week 2
Description: Road to First Competition Week 2
Vlog 3 1
Description: Update to my first competition. 19 weeks out.
Incline Support Row & 3 LVL Face Pull
Description: Finishing complex set to my back workout.
Vlog #4
Why I Like This Video: Very quick update on where I am at. Will have new videos added soon.
Single Arm BB Row
Vlog 8 Weeks Out
Description: Quick update with 8 weeks to go till first competition!
545 Rack Pull x4
Description: 545 pound rack pull. New max!
Update after first contest and before second conte
Description: Update from first contest to just a few days before second contest.
1 day out from Gopher 2013
Description: Quick check in for 1 day out of my second competition.
Competition #2 Gopher State Classic
Description: Recap of second competition.
10 Weeks Out - Competition #3
Description: 10 weeks out update.
Chest and Shoulders
Description: Chest and Shoulder workout. Most common question I get is how I was able to build my chest. So here is what the majority of my chest workout consists of. Hope you enjoy.
Legs - Quads
Description: Leg Day - Quad Dominant
Shoulders Complex - Partials
Description: Shoulder complex I made up to do as an active rest.
Michael Veaderko--3 weeks out from MN State bodybu
Description: This is me 3 weeks out from Minnesota State Championships
Squat Complex
Description: Squat complex I do quite often.
415 max squat
Description: 415 squat, no belt. Last set of the day.
RDL - Double Contraction
Description: RDL's
Secret to lifting heavy
Description: Secret to lifting heavy
NZ Nutraceutical sponsored athlete Michael Veaderko's Leg Blast
Introducing NZ Nutraceuticals Sponsored Athlete Mi
Mike's Shoulder Workout
Description: NZ Nutraceuticals Athlete (Me) doing shoulders.