robicole's Motivation Level

Motivation Level: 8/10

Nov 26, 2012 1:22 pm

Motivation Level Details:

"Discipline, I need some!"

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Motivation Level History

Date: Level: Comment:
8/10 "Discipline, I need some!"
10/10 No Comment
10/10 "Bis & tris today!"
10/10 "Feeling good, feeling great!"
8/10 "Sometimes you gotta force yourself."
10/10 No Comment
10/10 "Gotta get going!"
8/10 "Need to get back on track food-wise!"
10/10 "All da waaaaaaay turrrrrrrrrrnt up!"
10/10 "Turnt up to the max!"
10/10 "Feeling good, feeling great!"
10/10 "Oh let's do it!"
8/10 "I think I pulled a hammy yesterday :("
10/10 "I got a feeling..."
7/10 "Kinda turnt up."
10/10 "Aaaaall the waaaaaay turrrrrrrnt uuuuuup"
10/10 "Just left the gym, all the waaaay turnt up!"
8/10 "New year, new me."