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noahsadams's Motivation Level

Motivation Level: 9/10

Oct 21, 2014 6:18 pm

Motivation Level Details:

"Pushing it..."

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Motivation Level History

Date: Level: Comment:
9/10 "Pushing it..."
9/10 "Feeling great about my workouts..."
9/10 "Yum Yum Yum... Good food and great workouts will make it for an amazing month..."
10/10 "Love my new gym... keeping both... Yeehaw..."
9/10 "woof woof... Its going good..."
9/10 "Working hard and pushing for the next level..."
8/10 "energy is low but still pushing hard... "
10/10 "Let's do this!!!"
9/10 "exhausted from the cardio but getting it done..."
10/10 "Beast Mode! "
10/10 "Working hard and eating good..."
9/10 "Ready to kick butt this week..."
9/10 "Exhausted from lack of carbs, but working through it..."
10/10 No Comment
10/10 "New diet commitment, I'm ready for positive changes..."
10/10 "Feeling really good, a few tweeks to diet but all in all on track... Pumped for every workout..."
10/10 No Comment
10/10 "Beast Mode!!!"
10/10 No Comment
10/10 "The gym is already starting to clear out, love it..."
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