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Motivation Level: 8/10

Oct 5, 2014 6:42 am

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Motivation Level History

Date: Level: Comment:
8/10 No Comment
10/10 No Comment
8/10 No Comment
9/10 No Comment
7/10 "Just getting back in..."
9/10 "motivated"
6/10 "Always low after a lay off..."
9/10 No Comment
7/10 No Comment
10/10 "Fu;;y motivated as I'm seeing some good size on this full body I'm in week three of eight with..."
8/10 "Really, really glad to be back in the gym (see layoff info). Nice and sore today. Shouldn't be a problem to get right back to where I was."
7/10 "Back in the gym after a 6 week break (too long). Ready to catch up and get ripped for summer!"
4/10 "I am plenty ready but after taking 4 weeks off from the gym I really need to pop it up a notch..."