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Deadlift 475, no-belt
Deadlift 460lbs. PR!!!
Description: Today I set a new PR deadlifting 460lbs. for six reps!! I think being upset that I might lose my dog to an ungrateful and neglecting owner really fired me up!! I would move heaven and hell to keep my best friend!!! Competition is July 30th!! I hope you like the video!!
1st Ever Competition!!!
Description: I win my first 100% Natural Meet with a total of 1235!!! Next meet in Novemeber!! I can't wait :)
Squat 480x1, 405x5
Description: My new video of me Squatting 480lbs. today!!!! Please watch!!! I have been banned from adding videos to Facebook, because I tried adding music in my uploads?!? I seriously do not agree with that decision. For now on all my vids will be uploaded on Youtube :)
Squat 4x9x365, 12-3-2012
Description: No extra reps on the 4th set today!! Physically I felt and still feel great, but I hit a wall. The most I've every done with 9 reps and 4 sets is 350lbs. so this was HUGE for me today!! Wednesday will be 5x7x380 and I'm going to aim for a nice set of 10 on my 5th set!! =)
Squat 10x3x405, 12-1-2012
Description: Smolov MADNESS with 405lbs.
Deadlift 2x3x600lbs (Seneca); Squat 5x7x385, Bench
Description: Today couldnt have been anymore EPIC!!!! I squatted 385lbs. for sets of 7 like nothing and my training partner sumo deadlifted 2x3x600, which is a rep PR for him!!! EPICNESS
Squat 2x3x430, 1x4x440, 1x3x440; 12-8-2012 Final D
Description: How many reps can you squat 440lbs!!! The Final Day of BASE-MESO SMOLOV!!! I will retest this Saturday! Lifting my attempts in this order: 475/520/540
Smolov Base-Meso Re-Test Day
Description: Just missed a 15lbs. squat PR. Like I mentioned in the video this could be due to many variables. I really pushed myself hard during the 3 weeks on Smolov Base-Meso and I may have over-reached a little too much. Either way, I achieved a 14lbs. deadlift PR and that felt solid! I'm going to do 2 weeks of speed work on squat and switch over to Smolov Intense Phase! I have an incredible amount of belief that Smolov has made me an overall better powerlifter then before I made this journey 4 weeks ago!
12-17-2012 smolov switching phase day 1 & Seneca S
Description: A fun day for me in the gym. I'm deloading over for Smolov High-Intensity Phase. Today was Seneca's first day of Stronglifts 5x5 (Advanced) and the weight on the bar is going to steadily increase fast on this regimen so he is going to need a ton of motivation to persevere and keep doing awesome things!! Feel free to like, subscribe, and share this video with all your friends! Me and Seneca are looking to inspire the masses!! =)
12-20-2012 smolov switching phase day 2, low rpe b
Description: Low RPE (rate of perceived exertion) Day. I'm still deloading for Smolov High Intensity Phase set to start in a week and a half. I did squat today: 6x3x265. I'm starting to feel better as the effects/stress of Smolov Base-Meso are wearing off.
Bench Press 10x3x315 (Seneca)
Why I Like This Video: Today was day 3/6 of deloading lift days. Seneca did a mixture of Stronglifts and Smolov Jr. for bench today and successfully benched 10x3x315 and I threw some repetitions in there to help keep him motivated. Hopefully you feel inspired to go bench something heavy after watching this! Please don't hesitate to like, share, subscribe, and comment on our videos. Thanks for watching! =)
Squat 410x10 (Joshua); Bench Press 7x5x300 (Seneca
Description: Nice deload day #5. I felt good and wanted to keep the overall volume very light, but try and set a new PR for myself and picked a number, 410lbs., that seemed reasonable enough not to kill me! It's a big PR for me so I'm stoked about it!! Seneca's bench press looked Solid today and he would have had 10 full repetitions on set #7, but his right trap floated and he hit the barbell hooks on the way up! Overall, awesome day for the both of us!! Please don't forget to subscribe, like, and share with your friends! =)
Bench Press 317.5 MADNESS!!! 12-28-2012
Description: Bench Press 317.5lbs. MADNESS!!! =)
Bench Press 10x3x337.5 (Seneca), 12-29-2012 smolov
Description: We had a guest lifter today!! =) Today was my final deload day. I did some low volume squats, mixed with some speed work. Seneca had a pretty big day on the squat working up to 455x5 and a huge day on the bench press 10x3x337.5
Bench 4x5x277.5, 1x10x282.5 (Joshua); 2x6x297.5, 4
Description: Today was day #1 in a 3 week progression for me on the bench. I did do a set of 10 with 282.5lbs. on my 5th set and as you can tell by the video I was pretty dizzy afterwards. Besides being dizzy on the last set I really enjoyed how my first day of bench pressing went today. Seneca, my training partner, did a total of 46 repetitions on the bench press with 297.5lbs. and higher. Seneca successfully completed 10 repetitions with 304lbs. on his 7th set!
Squat 1x4x365, 3x4x412.5, 1x5x412.5 (Joshua); 1x1x
Description: Smolov High-Intensity Phase Day #1 for me and Seneca's Day 1 of his heaviest week on his 4 week progression on Stronglifts 5x5 (Advanced). Today was definitely an intense day for both of us. I am having to upload the bench press footage separately because if I didn't the video would have gone well over 10 minutes! Subscribe, like, and share!
Squat 3x3x432.5, 2x5x417 1-2-2013 (Smolov High-Int
Description: Today was probably one of the best lifting sessions I've ever had!! In my warm-up I added a 5 minute pressure breathing exercise and after I did that I felt ready to kill it and I did just that!! Squat: 1x3x290, 1x3x335, 1x4x387.5, 3x3x432.5, 2x5x417 Bench: 4x4x297.5, 1x6x302.5
Squat 4x4x405 (Joshua); 485x5 (Seneca) 1-5-2013
Description: Today was Smolov High-Intensity Phase Day #3. Both me and Seneca were sick as dogs and yet still persevered to put up some heavyish type weight. I did beltless squats with 405lbs. for reps and Seneca worked up to a set of 5 with 485lbs.
Bench Press 4x2x327.5+lbs. (Joshua); 6x4x337.5lbs.
Description: Today was my doubles day. I was supposed to do 8x2x327.5, but since I had a really bad cold and was spent from doing squats I decided to do only 4 sets and move onto a few sets of military presses. Seneca was supposed to bench 8x4x337.5lbs. but since he too was sick he decided to call it good at 6 sets and he also was pretty spent from squatting heavyish today!!
Squat 4x5x500, 1x4x500 (Seneca); 1x3x440, 1x3x445,
Description: AWESOME, AWESOME DAY FOR TEAM RAW POWER!!! Me, Seneca, and Seneca's 9y/o daughter, Airlaya, all set MASSIVE PRs today!! I squatted: 1x3x440, 1x3x445, 1x4x450, 1x5x422.5, 1x5x425; Seneca Squatted an enormous 4x5x500; 1x4x500; and 9y/o Airlaya deadlifted 105lbs. like it was nothing!!! You have to love days like this!! Below is exactly what I lifted today: Squat: 1x3x300, 1x3x345, 1x4x397.5, 1x3x440, 1x3x445, 1x4x450, 1x5x422.5, 1x5x425 Bench: 5x5x300
Bench Press 5x5x300 (Joshua), 6x6x300 (Seneca); 1-
Description: Me and Seneca both finished off an epic day of squatting by bench pressing 300lbs for reps!!! Little Airlaya was the star of this video for sure though!!! She has excellent depth and determination and passion for being only 9 years old!! =)
Squat 3x3x450, 1x3x475, 1x1x510 (NOT FILMED), 1-9-
Description: Sorry everyone, but my camera kept dying today on me. I didn't get to film my first set with 450 or my PR with 510. Needless to say 510lbs. was pretty easy after setting multiple set and rep PRs on the squat so for that I am very pleased. I will probably try an easy single with 520 on Saturday, but I have a lot of work to do on Saturday so I may have to play it safe. We will see come Saturday! Below is what I did today: Squat: 1x3x315, 1x3x365, 1x4x412.5 (w/o a belt PR), 3x3x450 (set & rep PRs), 1x3x475 (big rep PR), 1x1x510 (1RM PR) Bench: up to a set of 4 with 317.5lbs.
Squat 417.5x5 (w/o belt), 1-10-2013
Description: Easily set a heavy rep (beltless) PR on the squat today. My plan was to go in work up to a heavy set on the squat w/o a belt and then bench. I felt absolutely amazing this morning! Unfortunately a very small muscle called the "brachialis" was fatigued from yesterday's heavy squat session. This does happen to me every so often after squatting heavy, but usually regains it's normal function in a couple days. Needless to say, even though I could have possibly annihilated multiple squat PRs today because my hips, low back, glutes, and legs felt amazing, it came down to a very small muscle stopping me from doing the one thing I wanted to do today and that was hit my #s on the bench that I didn't hit yesterday. I guess the small things/muscles really do matter!! =)
Random Heavy Squatting 1-12-2013
Description: Today was Smolov High-Intensity, Week 2, Day 3. I could start off by saying that it's because I increased my numbers by about 7% is why I didn't hit all of my reps and sets today, but I'm not going to say that, because that would be a lie. Physically I am more than capable of squatting 5x5x457.5. Where I went wrong was when the program said I was supposed to take 2 full days off, I didn't. I came into the gym and even set a beltless PR on Thursday. Today I tired out so fast that I knew immediately I didn't have enough rest between the heavy days like the program called for. I have learned a very valuable lesson today and I truly believe that what I experienced today will do nothing more than help me grow as a competitive lifter! On a good note I did set a couple PRs in my squat today and am looking to rebound 100% by Monday. I will be squatting 5x5x445 on Monday and I'm looking forward to it!
Squat 4x5x442.5, 1x4x462.5 (Joshua), 3x3x485 (Sene
Description: Today was Smolov High-Intensity Phase, Week 3, Day 1 and Seneca's deload week before he switches over to Stronglifts 5x5 (Advanced) High-Intensity Phase. Overall, I'm very pleased with my lifts today. It did take quite some time to make it through both the squat and bench press and that's the reason for the extra long video today!! Below are the numbers I hit today: Squat: 1x3x410, 4x5x442.5, 1x4x462.5, 1x3x462.5 Bench: 3x5x307.5, 1x5x315, 2x4x315:
Squat 3x3x515 (Seneca) Bench Press 1x3x355 (Seneca
Description: Today was Seneca's first day of High-Intensity Stronglifts 5x5 (Advanced). He successfully completed his desired reps and sets with 3x3x515 and this is the first of many more rep and set PR days to come for him. Now I, after engaging in Smolov for nearly 13 weeks, decided that it was time to call it good and move onto something else. My body just can't take much more heavy squatting without a proper deload first. I will deload and attempt to squat 530lbs. on Saturday and Deadlift around 585lbs. My new regimen will be Smolov Jr. for my bench press and that begins next Monday. I hope everyone enjoys the video and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer them as fast as I can! =)
Smolov Jr. Squat & Bench Day #2 (Joshua) 1-30-2013
Description: Today was definitely a much better day overall than Monday's lifting session. It wasn't humid at all today in the gym and I felt like my breathing exercise that I perform periodically before I squat really helped me get the oxygen necessary inside of my body in order to squat the loads. People tend to forget that squatting in and of itself is a breathing exercise! If you can't learn how to breathe deep and properly you will more than likely be unable to make very good progress in this movement. Below are my numbers for today. (I did make slight increases in my weight moved, because I was feeling good and wanted to achieve a more efficient "training effect") =) Squat: 5x5x380, 2x5x390 (beltless) Bench Press: 4x5x302.5, 3x5x307.5
Smolov Jr. Bench Day #3 2-1-2013
Description: Possibly the strongest benching day in my lifting career and definitely Seneca's best benching day in over a year!!!
Smolov Jr. Squat Day #3 2-1-2013
Sheiko Week 3, Day 3
Description: Besides having a somewhat tilted bar resting upon my traps due to having scabs that recently ripped off from raw skin all went well!! I'm very excited with how today went. The first set with 405 was kind of a grind, but that had to do more with bad technique and once I realized that, I was able to push through and successfully get all my reps! This is only the squat portion of shieko. Below is the full workout:
Depth Before Dishonor (Squat 500x1)
Description: Depth Before Dishonor (Squat 500x1)
Performance of a Lifetime (Squat 30 reps with 455+
Description: For reference: I am 6 feet tall and today I weighed in at 225lbs. Today was the FINAL Day of Sheiko! I couldn't have been more pleased with how I finished this wave of Sheiko. This was hands-down the best I have ever performed in a single training session. I'm looking forward to my deload next week and look forward more to engaging in my prep phase and competing at the Summerfest in Houston on July 13th. The numbers I'm aiming for are: Squat 555lbs., Bench 390lbs., and Deadlift 618lbs. If you enjoyed the video please feel free to share it with your friends! If you want to connect with me on facebook that's cool too: Thanks for watching and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I love reading them! =)
Squat 405x45 Total Reps (ATG, No Belt)
Bulgarian/Russian Hybrid Training Day #2 (Squat 41
Description: I couldn't have asked for a better first day to the squatting portion of this regimen!! 2 days down and 7 more weeks to go til' gameday!!!! =)
Description: Enter my Contest and Win something cool!! =)
Christmas Day = Greatest Gifts of All = Multiple P
Description: HERE IT IS!!!!!!! By far my best ever training session!!! It just happened to fall on Christmas Day!!!
Overhead Squat Bodyweight for Triples & PRs!!!
60 Second Abs!
Description: I decided to do a short video showing you guys how to get a great six pack in ONLY 60 seconds!! :)
Description: Just a very short video detailing what I like to do for my morning mobility!! =)
Shoulder Mobility and the Overhead Squat
Description: Footage from today's session. Very informative. Today I talk about achieving greater shoulder mobility! =)
Tribute to Women Powerlifters
Description: I put together a Tribute Video for Women who are out there living the grind just like I am!! =)
Prepare to Squat
Description: Prepare to Squat!! =)
12 Month Strength Transformation
Description: Here it is guys. My Transformation Video!! I really hope you guys enjoy =)
Stay Prepared
Description: Yesterday's training footage! =)
Animal Cruelty and Vegetarian
Description: Today's video detailing "why" I chose to become a vegetarian.
Lean Lifting and Shorts Ripping
Description: Yesterday's training footage and my good friend Steven! =)
Description: Who wants to perform better. This video should help! :)
Powerlifting Passion
Description: Today's training footage! :)
800lbs Yoke Walk!
Description: My best-friend walking the 800lbs. Yoke! Personal Record!!! :D
Short Shorts Day!
Description: Today's training session! :)
500lbs Deadlift PRs and Sledge Hammer Work
Description: Deadlift PR Day Training Footage!! =)
Description: Allergies!
My Bulgarian Journey, Day 2
Description: My Bulgarian Journey, Day 2.
Back on the Grind, Deadlift PR
Description: Today's lifting session with the 510lbs. deadlift deficit PR!
Day 4, Back on the Grind, Deadlift 520lbs
Description: Yesterday's deadlift session!
Road to USAPL Raw Nationals ~ Days 8 & 9
Description: Road to USAPL Raw Nationals training footage Days 8 & 9.
Road to USAPL Raw Nationals Days 12, 13, & 14
Description: Training footage from the past 3 days and a short talk about cheating:
Road to USAPL Raw Nationals Day 15
Description: Yesterday's training footage: Sponsorship and shoutout to Earned!
Description: 1st ever Sponsorship Video!!!! :-) Sponsorship and shoutout to Earned!
Description: 1st ever Sponsorship Video!!!! :-)