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Description: Smolov MADNESS with 405lbs.
Description: Low RPE (rate of perceived exertion) Day. I'm still deloading for Smolov High Intensity Phase set to start in a week and a half. I did squat today: 6x3x265. I'm starting to feel better as the effects/stress of Smolov Base-Meso are wearing off.
Description: Today was probably one of the best lifting sessions I've ever had!! In my warm-up I added a 5 minute pressure breathing exercise and after I did that I felt ready to kill it and I did just that!! Squat: 1x3x290, 1x3x335, 1x4x387.5, 3x3x432.5, 2x5x417 Bench: 4x4x297.5, 1x6x302.5
Description: Sorry everyone, but my camera kept dying today on me. I didn't get to film my first set with 450 or my PR with 510. Needless to say 510lbs. was pretty easy after setting multiple set and rep PRs on the squat so for that I am very pleased. I will probably try an easy single with 520 on Saturday, but I have a lot of work to do on Saturday so I may have to play it safe. We will see come Saturday! Below is what I did today: Squat: 1x3x315, 1x3x365, 1x4x412.5 (w/o a belt PR), 3x3x450 (set & rep PRs), 1x3x475 (big rep PR), 1x1x510 (1RM PR) Bench: up to a set of 4 with 317.5lbs.
Description: Easily set a heavy rep (beltless) PR on the squat today. My plan was to go in work up to a heavy set on the squat w/o a belt and then bench. I felt absolutely amazing this morning! Unfortunately a very small muscle called the "brachialis" was fatigued from yesterday's heavy squat session. This does happen to me every so often after squatting heavy, but usually regains it's normal function in a couple days. Needless to say, even though I could have possibly annihilated multiple squat PRs today because my hips, low back, glutes, and legs felt amazing, it came down to a very small muscle stopping me from doing the one thing I wanted to do today and that was hit my #s on the bench that I didn't hit yesterday. I guess the small things/muscles really do matter!! =)
Description: Today was Smolov High-Intensity Phase, Week 3, Day 1 and Seneca's deload week before he switches over to Stronglifts 5x5 (Advanced) High-Intensity Phase. Overall, I'm very pleased with my lifts today. It did take quite some time to make it through both the squat and bench press and that's the reason for the extra long video today!! Below are the numbers I hit today: Squat: 1x3x410, 4x5x442.5, 1x4x462.5, 1x3x462.5 Bench: 3x5x307.5, 1x5x315, 2x4x315:
Description: Today was Seneca's first day of High-Intensity Stronglifts 5x5 (Advanced). He successfully completed his desired reps and sets with 3x3x515 and this is the first of many more rep and set PR days to come for him. Now I, after engaging in Smolov for nearly 13 weeks, decided that it was time to call it good and move onto something else. My body just can't take much more heavy squatting without a proper deload first. I will deload and attempt to squat 530lbs. on Saturday and Deadlift around 585lbs. My new regimen will be Smolov Jr. for my bench press and that begins next Monday. I hope everyone enjoys the video and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer them as fast as I can! =)
Description: Today was definitely a much better day overall than Monday's lifting session. It wasn't humid at all today in the gym and I felt like my breathing exercise that I perform periodically before I squat really helped me get the oxygen necessary inside of my body in order to squat the loads. People tend to forget that squatting in and of itself is a breathing exercise! If you can't learn how to breathe deep and properly you will more than likely be unable to make very good progress in this movement. Below are my numbers for today. (I did make slight increases in my weight moved, because I was feeling good and wanted to achieve a more efficient "training effect") =) Squat: 5x5x380, 2x5x390 (beltless) Bench Press: 4x5x302.5, 3x5x307.5
Description: Besides having a somewhat tilted bar resting upon my traps due to having scabs that recently ripped off from raw skin all went well!! I'm very excited with how today went. The first set with 405 was kind of a grind, but that had to do more with bad technique and once I realized that, I was able to push through and successfully get all my reps! This is only the squat portion of shieko. Below is the full workout:
Description: For reference: I am 6 feet tall and today I weighed in at 225lbs. Today was the FINAL Day of Sheiko! I couldn't have been more pleased with how I finished this wave of Sheiko. This was hands-down the best I have ever performed in a single training session. I'm looking forward to my deload next week and look forward more to engaging in my prep phase and competing at the Summerfest in Houston on July 13th. The numbers I'm aiming for are: Squat 555lbs., Bench 390lbs., and Deadlift 618lbs. If you enjoyed the video please feel free to share it with your friends! If you want to connect with me on facebook that's cool too: Thanks for watching and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I love reading them! =)
Description: I couldn't have asked for a better first day to the squatting portion of this regimen!! 2 days down and 7 more weeks to go til' gameday!!!! =)
Description: Footage from today's session. Very informative. Today I talk about achieving greater shoulder mobility! =)
Description: I put together a Tribute Video for Women who are out there living the grind just like I am!! =)
Description: Here it is guys. My Transformation Video!! I really hope you guys enjoy =)
Description: Today's video detailing "why" I chose to become a vegetarian.
Description: Today's training footage! :)
Description: Yesterday's deadlift session!