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This is a guest posing routine for Diana Chaloux's FAME show May 3rd, 2008. It was FUN!!!
This is me posing in 2004 at a NGA show. I was actually a few weeks out of the show I was gearing up for...still a great clip!
This is from my "Arms" Day (super-set AND Drop sets) This is one of my sets...THREE minute set! Whew...tough!
My moderte Leg Day...for Before you ask about my range...I have a spinal contition that doesn't allow me to go lower...It just stops...I wish it were different, but I have built a great body otherwise!
Telling my story for Optimum Nutrition and the REAL Spot
This is Optimum Nutritions new campaign...all about True Strength. Take look at my video and ON will have a way to upload your own True Strength video soon!! So....what's YOUR true strength?
A good ol volume chest day in July of 2011
A MEGA Drop-set on Arm day in July of 2011
This was what I label as a "moderate" chest day followed by front and side delts (no video). Lots of folks ask why I have "limited" or "a short" range of motion. For me, I do all my movements in the range that I best feel that group I am working. If I go higher, my triceps cheat...lower, my delts cheat it. Now, if I am working triceps that day with chest, I will extend higher, intentionally. This day, I did the following sets and reps: Incline DB Presses: 2 x 20 with 50's 1 x 15 with 100's 1 x 12 with 115's 1 x 12 with 130's 1 x 10 with 130's 1 x 8 with 130's Decline Barbell Presses (almost guillotine style) slower ROM: 1 x 12 with 135lbs 1 x 12 with 225lbs 1 x 10 with 275lbs 2 x 8 with 305lbs Close n Low DB presses: 2 x 10 with 100's 2 x 8 with 120's Low to High Cable Flyes: 4 x 10 with the stack (15 plates) whatever that weighs... This video is just a reference of what I do in keeping in shape and doing my best to maintain a professional looking physique. This is one of at least 20 different chest workouts I use throughout the year. Please comment below with any questions...