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Hottie Hell workout
Description: A little workout of mine from last week :)
Mold me- PLYO
Description: dynamic HIIT training
Rock Hard Abs
Description: ABS! new for me.
DAMN GAMS! (Leg workout with attitude)
Description: leg overkill- topping up from a leg work out day before
Shirtless= BAD ASS PULL UPS!
Description: Wide grip pull ups!
Chest & Ball
Why I Like This Video: How I warm up.
Bottoms up workout in the Brief!
Description: Post warm up time to hit "le bottom"
Working back at it! FINALLY :)
Description: This is how I warm up - always keep moving, keep the heart rate up. Leaning out!
tabata- how I warm up
Description: Tabata TIME- I am taking it sorta easy in this one; coming off of a bit of a health setback. *sigh. BUT FEELING GOOD!!!!
Pose down
Description: Trying to pose