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divajane1's Motivation Level

Motivation Level: 10/10

Oct 22, 2014 11:20 pm

Motivation Level Details:

"Ready , set , go..."

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Motivation Level History

Date: Level: Comment:
10/10 "Ready , set , go..."
10/10 "Did cardio this a.m. Hopefully weights 2nite...#firstdayback"
9/10 "Finished my move ,visiting family what more could I ask ?"
4/10 "Getting fatter by the minute! Working midnight shifts no training sessions 4 weeks :("
8/10 "Gotta get with it! Sheeze"
10/10 "FAVOR aint fair..."
10/10 "Feeling decent... Working today bummer"
10/10 "Felt crappy earlier but i trained & now i feel fantastic!"
9/10 "Gonna eat a banana & try to get some sleep"
10/10 "Feeling good. Sore but good. Enjoying my rest ."
8/10 "Tired dude"
9/10 "So tired. :(. Of the entire thing, but im going to keep going"
8/10 "Getting back where I belong, mentally :)"
7/10 "Shoulders tonight one of my favorites so maybe ill be motivated... We shall c!"
6/10 "Mentally im spent..."
7/10 "Gotta get going!"
10/10 "Got some trash out of my life & I'm feeling good. Lonely, but good."
9/10 "Only did hamstrings and glutes. Chest routine is too d a m n long! 2mrw :) #ihatechestday"
7/10 "Cleaning or training? Decisions, decisions..."
8/10 "Umm I guess"
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