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Current Supplements:
Irwin Naturals Men's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi, 90 Liquid Softgels
Started: May 01, 2010
Reason: Feel great since i have been taking these, the liquid capsules maximizes absorption, something often overlooked in multi's today.
Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy, 30 Servings, Blue Raspberry
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Use instead of coffee for morning energy and to get my amminos in, much better than coffee and i need less to drink...
Met-Rx CLA Myoleptin 1500, 90 Rapid Release Softgels
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder, 20 Servings, Chocolate Shake
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Great blend of my needs postworkout, have some fruit with it for carbs, and only 180 calories.
Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222, 150 Capsules
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE-, 240 Grams, Fruit Punch
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Stuff is great, i work 12-13 hours on average a day, and make sure i hit the gym afterwards... this is key to getting my energy back up, some complain it is loaded with caffeine, but that is exactly why i take it.
BSN Syntha-6, 2.91 Lbs., Chocolate Cake Batter
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Not a fan of their pre-workouts, but this is my favorite protein out there, the small amount of fat make it great for meal replacement, and it tastes better than the others i have tried on the market. read once that if you do not like the taste of your meal replacement, you wont use it.
Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber, 195 Grams, Unflavored
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: trying to keep my fiber intake up from my "could be better" diet. this is one of the keys, mixes easy, its cheap (i get it for around $7) and doesnt have any flavor, i do not even notice it with my protein shakes.

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