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Current Supplements:
Irwin Naturals Men's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi, 90 Liquid Softgels
Started: May 01, 2010
Reason: Feel great since i have been taking these, the liquid capsules maximizes absorption, something often overlooked in multi's today.
Optimum Essential AmiN.O. Energy, 30 Servings, Blue Raspberry
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Use instead of coffee for morning energy and to get my amminos in, much better than coffee and i need less to drink...
Met-Rx CLA Myoleptin 1500, 90 Rapid Release Softgels
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Optimum Platinum Hydrobuilder, 20 Servings, Chocolate Shake
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Great blend of my needs postworkout, have some fruit with it for carbs, and only 180 calories.
Optimum Superior Amino 2222, 150 Capsules
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Optimum Platinum PRE-, 240 Grams, Fruit Punch
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Stuff is great, i work 12-13 hours on average a day, and make sure i hit the gym afterwards... this is key to getting my energy back up, some complain it is loaded with caffeine, but that is exactly why i take it.
BSN Syntha-6, 2.91 Lbs., Chocolate Cake Batter
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: Not a fan of their pre-workouts, but this is my favorite protein out there, the small amount of fat make it great for meal replacement, and it tastes better than the others i have tried on the market. read once that if you do not like the taste of your meal replacement, you wont use it.
Optimum Fitness Fiber, 195 Grams, Unflavored
Started: Nov 08, 2012
Reason: trying to keep my fiber intake up from my "could be better" diet. this is one of the keys, mixes easy, its cheap (i get it for around $7) and doesnt have any flavor, i do not even notice it with my protein shakes.

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