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Description: Playing college ball - the sport that got me into training
Description: Lifting weights to a star wars theme. I didn't reach the 405 yet...I made this to help motivate myself to reach it. The later lifts will be edited in when I finally reach my goal. Thanks for watching.
Description: Playing softball - another reason I like to workout
Description: Saturday morning ROTC (Race Obstacle Training Camp) at Forest Park in Springfield, MA. Starts at 6AM and runs for 90 minutes. It was single digits this day. VERY COLD!!!! and this was just the beginning of a long tough workout!!! We had to run down thru the woods with this log until we got to the park playground where we did a 45 minute boot camp. Then it was back up thru the woods with the log. All along the way...both directions...we had to stop and to burpees and/or log raises as shown in the video. I was pretty beat up after this one.