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Why I Like This Video: My Body Transformation - How to get six pack abs 2012 My Body Transformation - People should understand that body transformation it's not something they can easily get from the day to night because this requires a lot of disciple and sacrifice on the way they eat. by changing your body's muscle structure this will totally bring positive changes in your life as well on your physical look and mental state. Prior any body transformation, ask yourself why you want to achieve this, it could be because you want to make a big change in your life or got the need to improve your health. but whatever reason you have, it's very important to set a goal that will always remind you everyday to do your best in order to achieve your objective. Keep always this on your mind, No matter how much effort are you putting into it, body transformation will not happen overnight, "patient" is the key behind all this, Keep an eye on your workout and diet program and your efforts will surely be rewarded later on. Now remember, Keep the hard work and stay focus and you will succeed.