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Description: This is the first video to my series of my journey to my first NPC Physique Competition.
Description: Happy Halloween!!! Week 4 is halfway done....just hopping along... ;)
Description: My Muscle Plan
Description: Back day! Rows and more rows - building the depth! Workout Curiosity of BESICKFITNESS -- Adam Bisek, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, NASM-PES, CES, PTAG, PN Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Myotropics Physique Nutrition Sponsored Athlete and Writer and Filming Curiosity of Sperf.
Description: Despite my 3 day gym week my diet remained on track. Had to prioritize my plate and study a few mornings instead of lifting this past week. But I am ready to get back in the on and continue to push past more personal records! I am also sharing my favorite fall treat - roasted pumpkin seeds!
Description: Checking in after a long 2 weeks. Making great progress! :)
Description: So this is my first weekday morning that I have not gone to the gym in a LONG you will see I am bored. :P SO I decided to share with you my food prep for each day.
Description: My weekly update regarding where I am at, posing, routine etc. Physical Therapy Progress with my hips and overall body. And lastly the trials of gaining muscle. :P
Description: Oh man...the time has come, the start of the season of wonderful delicious feasts among love ones. With the Holidays fast approaching, you may be questioning whether or not you'll be able to maintain your healthy habits. I have found that with focus and my rules of thumb I am able to breeze through the Holidays without putting an ounce of weight on and perhaps even lose a few lbs in the meantime as I continue to prep for my spring shows!
Why I Like This Video: Progress Status and a little Chest!
Description: I don't just train to look good in the mirror... I don't train to simply attract attention....BUT... I DO train because it is in the gym, where I feel myself, I feel alive. It is the only place where an entire life, month, day can be compressed into an hour of sweat, where millions of emotions can be felt like hope, satisfaction, disappointment, fear, triumph, doubt...all in one session. I train because during a workout I feel like there is nowhere else I want to be. By going to the gym every morning I get the chance to wake up filled with desire and enthusiasm to face the day ahead of me! Lifting gives me the opportunity to start each day with a new challenge, a way to exhibit my abilities, my ambition and determination....
Description: 12 weeks out! Flies, Presses and Benches, oh my! First week evaluation of my new 4wk program. Plus Santa gifts and post workout coco Power!
Description: No better way to start the new year than the best leg day I have had yet!! 2x my weight squats like butter!! :)
Description: Suit time on a very cold friday night in MN... ironic! At Perfect Fit Gear. - While on stage we do not have any props, just YOU, so making sure that your suit fits your body appropriately is important, you are the star on stage. - The geometry, pattern, and color of the suit has the power to make your body look leaner, meaner and bigger. Just like your poses, you must design the suit around YOU and what YOU want to show off! I love this part of contest prep!
Description: Learning from last year's suit: how it fit, held up, sparkled etc has influenced my design for this year. This year I am going local, getting sized periodically as I lean down, rhinestones pre-applied with the perfect coverage to accentuate my physique on stage!
Description: Speechless...... Happy Report! BEWARE: squealing will be involved. ohh.... can't forget....check out my new athlete page: r?ref=hl
Description: Me just being me; my Body Fuse Finalist Video. 'A successful leader and athlete, is relatable, shows confidence, self-promotes, stimulates a unique experience, breathes loyalty, and offers consistency in the quality of the service they share to others and their brand they represent.' - cheezziitt
Description: Yeah for being one step closer to being a sponsored athlete!! Would absolutely love being part of the Body Fuse family! Weekly update, current workout plan of attacked, and progress pics. Fitness is taking over!! :) :)
Description: I was asked by a fellow Body Space member ;) what supplements I used just starting out. Glucosamine, Calcium & Vitamin D, Glutamine, Vitamin C, Multivitamin and and Fish Oils. Make sure to do your reseach on what each manufacturer provides and make sure it meets your goals.
Description: Just a little shoulder reCAP from my past week....I have always been very careful with my shoulder training. Especially with heavy weight flying over my head.... I try not to go too heavy too fast, I know poor form with shoulders have a greater tendency for injury. Developing your shoulders are keep to a strong and bigger upper half. With my large legs this is critical for portions on stage! :)
Description: Hope you had a lovely Valentines day! Here I share some heart healthy fit tips along with some happy dancing.
Description: A little glimpse and recap on my recent photo shoot in January. It was a lots fun; I wanted to show that despite my muscle there is a different side of me - soft and feminine. Trying to shift from the hard and ripped fitness shoot and find a balance of sweet with splash of strong! 'The Girl Next Door' Photo Shoot Wardrobe: Teaser by Yuli | Yuli Xenexai MUAH: Oskar Ly Photographer: Nana Tran
Description: My new mission if I choose to accept....Lean Mean Fat burning Machine!
Description: Friday Fun Fit Tip! Don't have a lifting buddy? No problem, here are a couple tips I've learned along the way to help me lift heavy solo!
Description: Last 2 week\'s recap and the next 3 week look ahead! Yeah yeah yeah! I am so very honored and excited to represent my sponsors!! Check them out!!! and
Description: Peak week!! Good excuse to wear sweats all day long! ;P The final step to help achieve maximum muscle definition and your best physique you can bring on stage. This week is all about manipulation, fine tuning and observation of you water, sodium and carbohydrate intake and retention. There are many ways to go about this peak week.
Description: A quick journey through my weekend at the NPC Upper Midwest Bodybuilding Competition
Description: Quick reflection on my 2 weeks between shows, what I have learned, what my goals are and of course some dork-ness. I also just finished my second photo-shoot with Jared Lee along with some of my team members and had a BLAST! I can't wait to get back on stage this coming weekend!
Description: The crazy day has arrived!!!! Wow what a day! I will be posting a post show vlog soon.
Description: Being Healthy and Happy! It is my story and I am sticking to it!
Description: Overall my goal is to keep improving my physique, and continue to live healthy and happy. Fitness continuous journey it requires time, persistence and patience. Each day I strive to keep my balance with a positive attitude and enthusiasm in all aspects of my life. :) I have learned good health, muscles and smiles are contagious, I am on a mission to spread the fitness bug!! :) Check back for more of my vlogs as I continue my journey!
Description: Happy Fit Friday! Keep your feet happy by using these helpful tips for your tennis shows!
Description: Sticky Finger Granola -- aka too good to be true Homemade Gluten Free! Sometimes I just need to re-fuel with a few generous spoonful's of granola. I've never really found a store-bought granola that I'm entirely in love with, so I usually make my own Homemade Granola. The fun part of granola is its versatile and creative tweaks you can do for each batch. My favorite is below! Enjoy! Top 5 ways to get sticky with your granola! 1. Right out of your SINGLE SERVING bag! It's a delicious, healthy snack. 2. Create your own parfaits with Greek Yogurt. 3. Use it as a topping on a baked apple. Mmmm! 4. Put some pizzazz in your salad by adding granola to it. 5. It may seem odd but add it to your egg whites for a great pre-workout!
Description: Just a little glimpse of my shoulder workout- check out this awesome article that resembles my workout: cle/get-big/boulder-shoulders-232473
Description: Friday Fit Tip! Summer is a busy time for most; with all of the BBQ's, weddings, bonfire, dinners, shopping, celebrations, and altered schedules, it's difficult to remember all of the tasks that are routine in our lives. That's no reason to forget to practice good oral hygiene; lifting isn't my only dedication to my wellness; so is my dental health. Make the tooth fairy proud! oods-good-for-teeth/ -healthy-whiter-teeth/#slideshow=slide7
Description: Week 1 report! As you can imagine, even a relatively simple change, such as changing your diet, if it is totally new, can seem daunting at first. It involves some dynamic restructuring mentally, emotional and more importantly physically. This type of change can be felt whether you are starting contest prep, get fit, or loose fat programs; all will require consistent effort, determination and will power to break free of self-reinforcing patterns, and the body's natural resistance to change. This is how I felt this week; little taxing and challenging to my mind and physical body.
Description: Key ingredients in my awesome 'Muscle Juice' ---- Next week I'll go in detail on how adding a dash of Drive and topping it off with Focus just blows things up!
Description: I have learned the importance of Rest, Relax, Recover and RELOADing! Our bodies need rest and recovery to make GAINS and progress. Proper recovery is vital to our physical and emotional wellness, and becomes especially crucial if we are engaging in an intense exercise regimen. So today, do something relaxing for your body and MIND. Allow yourself to reload so that you can reap the true benefits of your hard work that occurred the week prior and to prepare yourself for the week ahead.
Description: Fit Tip - Quality over Quantity! Focus on the quality of the contraction and less about how much. Trust me your muscles will thank you! ;) Check out some of these bicep exercises: nder/lookup/filter/muscle/id/15/muscle/b iceps
Description: Yet another weekly update! :) What I've been doing and where I am headed! Stronger and leaner each and everyday! This Little Lady is going BIG this show!!
Description: Clarification required!! :P hehehe
Description: Sometimes we find ourselves in a funk, especially when we're trying to juggle, fitness, diet, work and life. Sometimes we need reminders that cause us to think differently and reevaluate what where we are and where we are headed. Whether it's how to incorporate new workouts/routines, new clever ways to handle work and life initiatives, or simply being aware that you just need to chill out. These funky moments cause us to re-focus, re-group and get us back on track! Time to kick the funk and take on the next 6 weeks like no other! Balance is KEY!
Description: Herbs and spices not only make food taste better, they often have pump you up healthy properties. Its about that time in my competition prep that food variety is decreased and I rely a lot on herbs. SO examples are: Basil has been found to relieve indigestion. Rosemary is believed to stimulate circulation and ease pain by increasing blood supply where applied. It also aids fat digestion and is good for aching joints and rheumatic pains. Garlic is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. Cinnamon reduces LDL cholesterol levels. Lastly cayenne pepper supplies vital nutrients to the heart, raises the body temperature, improves blood circulation by thinning the blood, removes toxins from the blood and rebuilds blood cells.
Description: The magnitude of your success strives solely from you, your use of TIME and is governed by the choices you make; your Desire, your Determination, your Dedication and your Discipline....with a dash of Positivity!
Description: It's time to ride up and get on with the rodeo show!!! Got the boots packed and the carbs filling my belly!! I AM READY! Feeling lots of mixed emotions but the most prevalent is my thrill and excitement to be back on stage soon! :)
Description: Here's my Dallas Europa and my 1 week post competition experience what a HUGE mind game that you absolutely have to be prepared for. Sometimes I think it's harder than preppin! You are faced with the same temptations but you lack that distant goal in the horizon; everything was structured and laid out where as post competition it's like you are FREE!. You can't go back to eating the amount of food you were before competing or the variation. You have to avoid binge eating, and keep your structure to keep your sanity!! Post show I feel bloated and again a mind game wondering how much of this is fat that I have put on. I refuse to get on the scale. Slowly my energy is back up and I am able to focus on other things. My ultimate goal right now is to find balance between being happy and healthy yet being happy with my physique as I transition into my VERY productive 'off season'.
Description: When coming out of a show its critical to start slowly adding different foods and back in. This little lady didn't fair so well, lots of water retention and tummy bloat. Feeling little worn out but motivation is still high! Changing things up from here, details to come! Be Sure to check out my FB for y recent MAX Protein Chocolate Mint Cookies! s-npc-womens-physique-competitor/lizs-go od-food-for-you-double-rich-chocolate-mi nt-protein-cookies/205902226244572
Description: New VLOG feature - Plate Date with Cheezziitt. I will be sharing my various recipes/meals to help encourage creative healthy eating! Tonight Grill Spicy Cinnamon Salmon, Asparagus, and MuscleEgg P28 Vanilla Protein Nut Puffs!
Description: “You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ― Zig Ziglar
Description: An impressive lineup of 16 beautiful competitors to the inaugural Women's Physique Olympia stage which the judges have establish a "look". More importantly set a standard to the level of muscularity for future competitions! The results at various competitions have been mixed the last 2 years; some shows have rewarded more muscular competitors, while others prioritized conditioning. SO this is an exciting time and news!! :) Dreaming, believing and ACHIEVING!!
Description: excitement encourages progression
Description: My homemade quick frozen dinner to avoid the disaster from the store freezer.... And now, what you can't see in your frozen meal... Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Disodium Inosinate/Guanylate, Ethyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Aluminosilicate, Soy Protein Isolate, Sugars and much much more.... /whats-in-frozen-dinners?fullpage=1
Description: Fatgripz, SEI MethylRush, and a Stretch Rope oh my! A quick run through on my 'off-season' tools for success! :)
Description: My entry for the 2014 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Contest - my story, smiles and muscles!
Description: Can't get yourself out of bed in the morning especially during these cold winter months?! Well here are some helpful tips that help me, believe me I still have my days struggles. Remember it's certainly not something that happens overnight; I got into the habit after about 3 months of consistency when I started my fit journey and now it's just how I start each and every day!
Description: Gotta love a NZNutraceuticals post-workout slushy!! Mine- WATER with a LITTLE LEMON JUICE+ NZ's BETA ALANINE POWDER+ NZ's CREATINE MONOHYDRATE --- NOT TO MENTION A BIG BRAIN FART! #NZNutraceuticals | #CouponCode NZNLIZ #TeamNZN |
Description: See how I burn fat in minimal time with a HIIT workout! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and helps you burn calories during and more importantly, AFTER your workout. Use code NZNLIZ on our webpage for a discount on our products! See below! Subscribe for weekly videos! Like us on Facebook - *****:// Follow us on Twitter - *****:// Music: "Cool Rock"-Kevin Macleod- *****:// icals?feature=watch
Description: Dude!! Chest Pressin! #NZNutraceuticals | Coupons: NZNLIZ #TeamNZN |
Description: Cheezziitt's ARMageddon!!!
Description: I am well on my way to bring my best package yet with 9 days remaining to hone in even more! I am all SMILES...well sort of!! Really feeling this extra push and effort I am making all the way to my bones, head and an odd munchie addiction to pickles while preppin my meals!!! Nerves are higher for this show with high expectations but just looking to have a blast yet again! ahhhh!!!
Description: @splerf is the stud orange! Men's Physique Class F
Description: I am second from the left - Women's Physique Class A Nothing like the stacked short girls showing off!!! :)