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Description: Me doing 500lbs on the leg press machine for 6 reps
Description: Nov 19,2010, Las Vegas NV. WABDL World Championships, weight 192.7lbs, new Texas State record. New 2010 123lb women's open class World Champion!
Description: This is a video of the last squat of my leg workout today. I am slowly but surely getting use to having heavy weight on my back again. 2 years ago I took a break from Powerlifting two deal with some health issues related to myy scoliosis. I have been squatting again for almost a year now. For safety reason and to help prevent injury to my back on heavy days like today I use the Pendulum Power Squat Machine. It takes the issue of balancing the weight and allows me to focus on building my strength. I do use the bar and plates up to about 300lbs then I move over to this machine. Safety comes first! I hope to be back in full meets soon but I am not placing the pressure of a time frame on myself. When I'm ready I will hit it hard. I am 92-0 I've never been beaten and I want to keep my streak going so when I come back to full meets I will set my sights on the world record in the Junior Division and the Women's Open Division too. Til then I will train hard and continue my road to 100% recovery.
Description: 2nd of 3 attempts at the WABDL World Championships held in Reno, NV November 4, 2011. The weight on the bar is 221.8
Description: This video is Amanda curling 50lbs for 100reps. She was hurting at about rep number 40 but stuck it out and completed the reps she needed to win and then did 10 more
Description: This is my first production in a series of short workout videos entitled, Functional Fitness.
Description: This is my second video on Functional Fitness for home.