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Amanda Harris, Barbie Barbell WPC World record be
Barbie Barbell at the 2007 Arnold!
2008 Muscular Development Arnold Classic Arm Curl
Barbie Barbell Training for the NPC Texas Shredder
Barbie Barbell at her Muscular Development Shoot M
Description: This is a video of my photo-shoot with Dan Ray of Muscular development Magazine
Barbie Barbell 6 reps with 500lbs on the leg press
Description: Me doing 500lbs on the leg press machine for 6 reps
Barbie Barbell Amanda Harris 4 days from the Branc
Description: This is me on the Cross-Over-Cable machine at, The Muscle Trap Gym located in The Woodlands, Texas I am 4 days out from competition in this clip.
4 days out #2 from the Branch Warren
Description: Tri's just 4 days out from my next show on July 12th The Branch Warren.
Barbie Barbell is now a National Level Figure Comp
Description: This video was taken at my very first National Qualifier Figure Competition. I won the Teen Division and placed top 5 and that officially makes me the youngest NPC Competitor to get qualified to compete at the National level in the womens open class. I was 17 yrs 2 months and 9 days old.
2010 WABDL Worlds in Las Vegas 003
Description: Nov 19,2010, Las Vegas NV. WABDL World Championships, weight 192.7lbs, new Texas State record. New 2010 123lb women's open class World Champion!
World record bench at APF Master, Teen & Junior Na
Description: This is me on May 14,2011 at the APF Master & Teen National Championships in Ft Worth Texas. The lift is 203.9lbs and a new teen world record.
2nd world record APF Master & Teen Nationals Ft Wo
Description: My second lift at the APF Master & Teen National Championship in Ft Worth Texas May 14, 2011. It was my second world record of the day. The weight is 97.5 kilos or (214.9lbs). This is almost 16lbs over the old world record. I had an awesome day on the platform!!!!
Description: This video was made by a dear friend Ricky Espejo. He has done a cpl other videos tributes for me and they are all top knotch! Thank you so much Ricky! This video will be on the front page of my new web site to be launched in the next 30 days. has a temporary site for now. The new site will have all the bells and whistles to include a store and a members only area. My book is due out real soon too!!
Amanda's 720lb Pendulum Squat video
Description: This is a video of the last squat of my leg workout today. I am slowly but surely getting use to having heavy weight on my back again. 2 years ago I took a break from Powerlifting two deal with some health issues related to myy scoliosis. I have been squatting again for almost a year now. For safety reason and to help prevent injury to my back on heavy days like today I use the Pendulum Power Squat Machine. It takes the issue of balancing the weight and allows me to focus on building my strength. I do use the bar and plates up to about 300lbs then I move over to this machine. Safety comes first! I hope to be back in full meets soon but I am not placing the pressure of a time frame on myself. When I'm ready I will hit it hard. I am 92-0 I've never been beaten and I want to keep my streak going so when I come back to full meets I will set my sights on the world record in the Junior Division and the Women's Open Division too. Til then I will train hard and continue my road to 100% recovery.
Amanda Harris a.k.a. Barbie Barbell motivational v
Description: A motivational clip on how I view life....
Amanda's squat workout 20 October 2011 002.MPG
Description: Warm-up set with 185lbs for 10 reps. This is Amanda "Barbie Barbell" Harris age 20 body-weight 125lbs. This is her first squat session in over 2.5 years with free weights. She is wearing a new Inzer TRX squat suit (single ply) and the new knee & wrist wraps. Amanda plans on getting back into full meets in 2012. We have not set a date yet but she is anxious to get back to the sport she loves! She was given the green light just two weeks ago from her doctor to start squatting again. We will go SLOW and rebuild her strength and I am sure when she steps back onto the competition platform she will pick-up right where she left off.....setting new world records!!!!
120lb female squats 225lbs for 10 reps!!!
Description: This is the second set of squats in her first squat work-out in over 2 years. The weight on the bar is 225lbs. She completes 10 reps with ease. Wearing a single-ply TRX squat suit, straps down. This is the first time in this suit and seems to like the feel of the new material. We will not push the weight up over 300lbs today, we just wanted to see how her spine was going to handle the work-out. Amanda took two years off from full meets due to a spinal injury from her scoliosis. She was given the green light by her doctor just two weeks ago. She looks good for a first time work-out in gear in over 2 years. Thank you Inzer Advanced Designs!!!
120lb female squats 275lbs for 3 reps!!!
Description: Third workset of her first squat tsession in over 2 years. Looking strong!!!
120lb female benches 214.55 lbs and wins world cha
Description: 1st of 3 attempts at the WABDL World Championships held in Reno, NV November 4, 2011. The weight on the bar is 214.6
Amanda "Barbie Barbell" Harris sets new World Reco
Description: 2nd of 3 attempts at the WABDL World Championships held in Reno, NV November 4, 2011. The weight on the bar is 221.8
Amanda Harris Third attempt and another world reco
Description: 3rd lift of 3 attempts at the WABDL World Championships held in Reno, NV November 4, 2011. The weight on the bar is 231.48 a new Women's Junior World Record!
125lb female deadlifts her own bodyweight 126 reps
Description: This video shows Amanda Harris aka: Barbie Barbell pulling 80% of her bodyweight for 125 reps and winning the deadlift for reps challenge of the RX Muscle Magazine Bros VS. Pros competition held in Chicago IL at Jakked Harcore Gym!
Barbie Barbell wins the RXMUSCLE Bros VS. Pros IX
Description: This video is Amanda curling 50lbs for 100reps. She was hurting at about rep number 40 but stuck it out and completed the reps she needed to win and then did 10 more
Functional Fitness Volume 1
Description: This is my first production in a series of short workout videos entitled, Functional Fitness.
Functional Fitness Part 2 with Larua Belew & Amand
Description: This is my second video on Functional Fitness for home.
Tha Body Specialist presents: Blasting Shoulders w
Description: This is a shoulder workout. Grab some weights and follow along with me!
Functional Fitness Volume 3
Why I Like This Video: This is part 3 of Functional Fitness.